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Recognise patterns
and capitalise.

Founded in 2001 in the canton of Zug, Progressive Capital Partners Ltd (Progressive) is an independent Swiss investment boutique focusing on alternative investments.

Progressive is specialised in liquid managed futures strategies and multi manager strategies. The company aims to manage and create products uncorrelated to traditional investments.

From the very beginning Progressive's goal has been to promote alternative investments and to make them available to a broader public. 

Progressive has been operating successfully for many years and has consistently strived to enhance its product range to meet its clients' needs.

As of end of January 2018 Progressive’s assets under management total approximately USD 790 million.


Infinite possibilities
lay in the markets worldwide.

We developed a variety of financial products for our clients to address their multiple needs and aspirations. Currently we offer five Single Manager Funds and are advisor to two Multi Manager Funds. Due to the regulatory environment your are required to declare yourself before viewing further information. Thank you for your understanding.


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We combine expertise
with social skills.

Ivo Winistörfer

Ivo Winistörfer

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Daniel von Allmen

Daniel von Allmen

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Thomas Kummer

Thomas Kummer
Head of Relationship Management

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Susanne De Maertelaere

Susanne De Maertelaere
Business Management Support

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Janne Fazio

Janne Fazio
Head of Operations

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Flurin Grond$Deputy CIO

Flurin Grond
Deputy CIO

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Othmar Gubelmann

Othmar Gubelmann
Senior Relationship Manager

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Matthias Kubli$Investment Analyst

Matthias Kubli
Investment Analyst

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Anne Krammer

Anne Krammer-Vaughan
Legal & Compliance

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Thomas Messerschmid

Thomas Messerschmid
Senior Relationship Manager

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Margrit Teuscher Bernhard

Margrit Teuscher Bernhard
Business Management Support

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Sukran Yildirim$Operations

Sukran Yildirim

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Performance, transparency
and alignment of interests.

At Progressive Capital Partners, we respect our clients and treat them as partners; we listen to them and respond to their needs. Consequently, we share a strong commitment always to put the client first and provide excellence and expertise in client service. 

We follow a strict code of values in everything we do. We conduct ourselves professionally, ethically, responsibly and with integrity at all times.

Our aim is not just to sell products and services, but to acquaint the clients with the products and to provide them with information for a full understanding of the respective strategies. We discuss the risks and opportunities associated with them and review how particular strategies might work within the context of a client’s portfolio.

We place great emphasis on long-term returns and do not chase managers and strategies on the basis of their most recent performance. 



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