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Niche Alternatives: How to Access the Differentiating Alpha

In the BAI June Newsletter III/2019 Progressive Capital Partners published an article about the benefits of Niche Alternatives in the portfolio context.

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BRIDGING THE GAP (new report on Niche Alternatives)

Niche Alternative investments build on the concept of superior risk and reward. The rewards are clear: this segment of the alternative investment market has a strong track record of outperformance, and is currently very attractively priced in comparison to traditional as well as established alternative asset classes. 

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Investors Conference on "Niche Alternatives" in Zurich on Tuesday, 21st May 2019


Our upcoming conference on Niche Alternatives will give you further insight to our strategy and the opportunity to meet with promising investment managers we are invested in. They will be available throughout the entire event for questions, discussions and a personal exchange. Event details are available on request.