New Launch: PCP Tactical Macro Fund

We are pleased to inform you that we successfully launched the PCP Tactical Macro Fund at the beginning of the year. 

The PCP Tactical Macro Fund is managed by Progressive Capital Partners, aiming to provide uncorrelated returns through diversified allocations to specialist global macro portfolio managers. The current environment offers extensive macro-opportunities across asset classes and regions. Agile trading strategies going both long and short, with strong risk management, can generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. These strategies profit from macroeconomic and monetary imbalances, dislocations and flows. PCP Tactical Macro allocates to 15 to 25 specialist macro managers with expertise in specific asset classes (equities, rates, FX, credit, commodities) and/or regions (developed and emerging markets across Europe, Americas, Asia). Please visit or call the team on +41 41 561 40 90.