The Progressive Liquid Alternatives Composite is an alternative multi-manager portfolio investing in strategies with limited market exposures.

The strategy aims to deliver mid to high single-digit returns with low volatility and with limited correlation to both traditional and alternative assets.

The Progressive Liquid Alternatives Composite is constructed to benefit from a large number of idiosyncratic alpha engines and targets to provide robust diversification benefits in different market environments with the potential to offer downside preservation during market downturns.

The strategy invests in complementary alternative strategies across Arbitrage, Global Macro, Market Neutral, Relative Value and Systematic Strategies providing a reasonable degree of diversification at all times.

The strategy maintains a highly liquid portfolio without applying any leverage on the portfolio level.

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Attractive return profile.
Significant diversification effect.
Uncorrelated investments.
Stable track record.
Proven investment process.
Focus on downside risk management.