Infinite possibilities 

lay in the markets worldwide.

PCP Partners

Provides access to unique strategies in collaboration with selected partners. The focus is on diversifying strategies with a sophisticated/robust risk management process in place. The Tulip Trend Funds are managed by Transtrend B.V. The underlying strategy has a successful track record of over 25 years and has historically delivered strong diversification benefits, particularly in an environment of equity bear markets. The strategy is regime independent - no long equity or bond bias - and has no preference for long or short positions.

Liquid Alternatives

Liquid Alternatives focuses on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns and diversification benefits. The strategies are actively trading long as well as short positions across all liquid global markets: Equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, credit and volatility. Positive convexity enables robust diversification during market downturns in particular.

Alpha generation with positive convexity is Liquid Alternative’s primary objective, combined with broad diversification across asset classes, regions and investment styles.

This objective is pursued by our investment team drawing on its longstanding expertise and devotion to uncorrelated alternative strategies:

        -    Tactical Trading: Global Macro, CTA Trend, CTA Non-Trend, Commodity Trading, Long Volatility

        -    Long Volatility / Protection: Long Volatility and Tail Hedging Strategies across asset classes, regions and styles

Progressive Capital offers alternative multi-manager portfolios in Liquid Alternatives, including commingled funds and customised solutions, designed specifically for institutional clients.

Niche Alternatives

There is a section within the alternative investment space where inefficiencies are numerous, competition is low, and active management by skilled and focused investment specialists can add substantial value. We call this segment of the investment universe “Niche Alternatives”.

Niche Alternatives build on the concept of superior risk and reward. This segment of the alternative investment market has historically shown strong outperformance and is currently very attractively priced in comparison to traditional as well as established alternative asset classes.

Progressive has extensive experience across alternative and niche markets, and the team is well positioned to target innovative investments opportunities that are beyond classic alternative investment strategies.

The offering is designed mainly for institutional clients, family offices and HNWI.