Founded in 2001 in the canton of Zug, Progressive Capital Partners Ltd (Progressive) is an independent Swiss investment boutique focusing on alternative investments.

Progressive is specialised in Niche Alternatives and Liquid Alternatives and provides access to unique strategies through its PCP Partners offering. The company aims to provide institutional solutions with a low correlation to traditional asset classes and a diversifying characteristic. For specific requirements, the firm offers alternative mandates via its customised solution offering.

From the very beginning, Progressive's goal was to promote alternative investments and to make them available to a broader investor base. 

Progressive has been operating successfully for 20 years and has consistently strived to enhance the product range to meet its clients' needs.

As of end October 2021 Progressive's assets under management total approximately USD 700 million.

Progressive is an authorised asset manager of collective investment schemes according to the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA) and a representative of foreign collective investment schemes according to the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA). Progressive is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and affiliated with the officially recognised ombudsman «Finanzombudsstelle Schweiz (FINOS)». Progressive is a member of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA).

Infinite possibilities 

lay in the markets worldwide.

PCP Partners

Provides access to unique strategies in collaboration with selected partners. The focus is on diversifying strategies with a sophisticated/robust risk management process in place. The Tulip Trend Funds are managed by Transtrend B.V. The underlying strategy has a successful track record of over 25 years and has historically delivered strong diversification benefits, particularly in an environment of equity bear markets. The strategy is regime independent - no long equity or bond bias - and has no preference for long or short positions.

Niche Alternatives

There is a section within the alternative investment space where inefficiencies are numerous, competition is low, and active management by skilled and focused investment specialists can add substantial value. We call this segment of the investment universe “Niche Alternatives”.

Niche Alternatives build on the concept of superior risk and reward. This segment of the alternative investment market has historically shown strong outperformance and is currently very attractively priced in comparison to traditional as well as established alternative asset classes.

Progressive has extensive experience across alternative and niche markets, and the team is well positioned to target innovative investments opportunities that are beyond classic alternative investment strategies.

The offering is designed mainly for institutional clients, family offices and HNWI.

Liquid Alternatives

Liquid Alternatives has the ability to invest in areas and in ways which traditional investments are precluded from. Doing so Liquid Alternatives exhibits the unique characteristic of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns while preserving capital during market downturns.

Within Liquid Alternatives alpha generation is our primary objective by capitalizing on market inefficiencies, identifying undiscovered opportunities and managing downside risk.

This objective is pursued by our investment team drawing on its longstanding expertise and devotion to diversifying and uncorrelated alternative strategies:

Low Beta:           Relative Value, Equity Market Neutral, Multi-Strategy, Alternative Risk Premia, Event Driven

Protection:         Global Macro, Commodity Trading, Systematic Non-Trend, Systematic Trend-Following

Progressive Capital offers alternative multi-manager portfolios in Liquid Alternatives, including commingled funds and customised solutions, designed specifically for institutional clients.

We combine expertise with

social skills.



Daniel von Allmen
Chairman & CIO
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Flurin Grond
Deputy CIO
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Dr. Thomas Kochanek
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Mercedes de la Fuente
Business Management Support
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Susanne De Maertelaere
Business Management Support
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Daniel Germann
Portfolio Manager
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Othmar Gubelmann
Senior Relationship Manager
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Ivo Hubli
Portfolio Manager
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Daniel Irion
Portfolio Manager
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Anne Krammer-Vaughan
Head Legal & Compliance, CIFD
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Thomas Messerschmid
Senior Relationship Manager
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Ilario Scasascia
Head Liquid Alternatives
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Sükran Yildirim
Senior Operations Manager
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Board of directors


Daniel von Allmen
Chairman of the Board
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Donat Jösler
Board Member
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Markus Häni
Board Member
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Elmar Meyer
Board Member
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Performance, transparency

and alignment of interests.

At Progressive Capital Partners, we respect our clients and treat them as partners; we listen to them and respond to their needs. Consequently, we share a strong commitment always to put the client first and provide excellence and expertise in client service.

We follow a strict code of values in everything we do. We conduct ourselves professionally, ethically, responsibly and with integrity at all times.

Our aim is not just to sell products and services, but to acquaint clients with the products and to provide them with information for a full understanding of the respective strategies. We discuss the risks and opportunities associated with them and review how particular strategies might work within the context of a client’s portfolio.

We place great emphasis on long-term returns and do not chase managers and strategies on the basis of their most recent performance.

Patience, discipline and a focus on quality represent key elements of our philosophy.

What distinguishes us from most of ours peers is an approach founded on principal-investing combined with extensive practical experience. We align our private and company assets along with our client’s.

Progressive Capital Partners

Contact details & address

Progressive Capital Partners Ltd
Haldenstrasse 3 (use entrance H7)
CH-6340 Baar

How to find our office
+41 41 561 40 80
+41 41 561 40 88


In the event of any disputes, our clients can contact FINOS for mediation under the contact details below. Information on costs associated with the mediation procedures can be found on the ombudsman's website.

Finanzombudsstelle Schweiz (FINOS)
Talstrasse 20 (1st Floor)
CH-8001 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 552 08 00